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Wilson M. (2015)
Clean intermittent self-catheterisation: working with patients
LoFric Origo and LoFric Sense are mentioned as catheters that may help patients practicing the technique correctly.
Expert statement describing important aspects of teaching intermittent catheterization including using LoFric and other hydrophilic catheters.

Woodward S (2013) 
Improving quality of life for men using intermittent self-catheterisation
Focus on the advantages of intermittent catheterization and how LoFric (and other hydrophilic catheters) can promote independence and improve QoL. Expert statement on LoFric and other hydrophilic catheters.

Sallami S, Mouine Y, Rhouma SB, Cherif K, Dahmani A, Horchani A (2011)
Clean Intermittent Catheterization Following Urethral Stricture Surgery Using a Low Friction Catheter Versus Conventional Plastic Catheter: A Prospective, Randomized Trial 
Study shows that Lofric users were more satisfied, had increased comfort and increased QoL compared to patients using plastic catheters.
2 year follow-up on 31 LoFric users and 28 PVC-users.

Taskinen S, Fagerholm R, Ruutu M (2008)
Patient experience with hydrophilic catheters used in clean intermittent catheterization
An example of LoFric showing good insertion and removal properties (85-90%).
Evaluation of 100 LoFric and other hydrophilic catheter users.

Bjerklund Johansen T, Hultling C, Madersbacher H, Del Popolo G, Amarenco G, LoFric Primo Study G (2007)
A novel product for intermittent catheterisation: its impact on compliance with daily life--international multicentre study
Study reports on high satisfaction rates with LoFric. For example, Lofric was shown to improve patients’ ability to comply with everyday life and 74% of patients previously using plastic catheters wished to continue with LoFric.
2-week study on 378 users. 

Litherland AT, Schiotz HA (2007)
Patient-perceived discomfort with two coated urinary catheters
An example of the low level of discomfort with LoFric.
Prospective study on 196 LoFric and other hydrophilic catheter users.

Fader M, Moore KN, Cottenden AM, Pettersson L, Brooks R, Malone-Lee J (2001)
Coated catheters for intermittent catheterization: smooth or sticky?
Example of minimized discomfort with LoFric and other hydrophilic catheters.
Evaluation of 61 users.

Lopez Pereira P, Martinez Urrutia MJ, Lobato L, Rivas S, Jaureguizar Monereo E (2001)
Comparative study of the degree of patient satisfaction in intermittent catheterization with Lofric and polyvinyl chloride catheters 
Evidence on higher satisfaction among Lofric users compared to patients using uncoated plastic catheter. For example, 83% of those who experienced withdrawal discomfort reported that this disappeared with Lofric and 86% found LoFric easy or very easy to learn and use.
2-month study on 35 LoFric users.

Pascoe G, Clovis S (2001)
Evaluation of two coated catheters in intermittent self-catheterization 
An example of LoFric showing good insertion, -and removal properties. ~ 90% of LoFric users found the catheter comfortable to insert and easy to remove.
Cross-over study on LoFric and SpeediCath in 25 users.

Mauroy B, Soret R, Bonnal JL, Fantoni JC. (2001)
Comparison of 3 self lubrificated urethral catheters: prospective study on 27 patients
An example of LoFric showing high satisfaction for catheter management, insertion/withdrawal properties and performance.
Prospective and randomized study in 27 users who evaluated LoFric and 2 other hydrophilic catheters. 

Pachler J, Frimodt-Møller C (1999)
A comparison of prelubricated hydrophilic and non-hydrophilic polyvinyl chloride catheters for urethral catheterization
An example of a trend toward easier management and preferences associated with LoFric.
Cross-over study with 32 users who tested LoFric and a non-coated plastic catheter for 3 weeks each.

Sutherland RS, Kogan BA, Baskin LS, Mevorach RA (1996)
Clean intermittent catheterization in boys using the LoFric catheter
Evidence on high satisfaction (81%) among patients when using LoFric compared to uncoated plastic catheters.
2-month study on 16 LoFric and 14 PVC catheter-users.

Diokno AC, Mitchell BA, Nash AJ, Kimbrough JA (1995)
Patient satisfaction and the LoFric catheter for clean intermittent catheterization
Evidence on high satisfaction among patients using LoFric compared to uncoated plastic catheter. For example, 81% found LoFric more convenient and favorable and 88% thought it was easier to handle.
1-month study on 41 LoFric users.

Montagnino B (2000)
The LoFric catheter: new technology improves an old technique 
Review on the overall benefits of using LoFric instead of plastic catheters for IC.